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Optimise your pricing and maximise your conversions with our Smart Pricing Page™

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More than a pricing page. It's a pricing powerhouse.

We give you the tools to figure out the how’s and what’s of pricing and present this to customers in a way that guarantees conversions.

1. Create

A simple, no-code approach to pricing with an industry-beating pricing page.

2. Experiment

Get ahead of the pack with strategy insights, analytics and A/B tests.

3. Charge

Connect to your billing provider for instant subscriptions and payments.

1. Create

Stand out. Convert more.

Get the beauty and the brains. No compromise. No code.

Kana Analytics Style and Create

Out-of-the-box design

Beautiful pricing page designs that have been tested and proven to convert customers.


Playful customisation

Our no-code-builder gives you a fun and powerful way to build your pricing and brand your page.


Easy embeds, anywhere

Publish your pricing page wherever and by whomever - no need for engineers even when changes need to be made.

2. Experiment

Take the guess work out of pricing

All the tools you need to perfect your pricing and boost your revenue.

Kana Analytics Product

Segment and target

Cater pricing plans to your customers needs and publish multiple pages to display conditionally to the right people.


Strategic insights and analytics

Become a pricing expert with engagement statistics, conversion rates, competitor tracking, strategic recommendations, and more.


A/B testing experiments

Compare different pricing page variations and split which plans and prices users see to test those which perform the best.

3. Charge

Effortless billing. Instant payments.

Subscriptions for your SaaS product have never been simpler. All end-to end with no code required.

Kana Billing Product

Setup and sync in seconds

Effortlessly manage subscriptions and payments by connecting to billing providers like Stripe - no setup required.


Charge when and how you want

We support multiple currencies and frequencies of billing so you can charge your customers however you need to.


No percentage taken

Your billing providers already charge you a percentage of your hard-earned revenue - why should we?

Kana works for your teams

No matter the role, Kana has something to benefit every use-case for your pricing needs across the entire company.

For Growth

Data-driven answers and maximised revenue

Try different pricing strategies, segment your market, and boost conversions with our customizable, no-code pricing pages, real-time analytics and experiments. Leave the technical details to us and focus on growth.

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Try for yourself and reap the rewards



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