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Pricing infrastructure for internet businesses.

API-first platform to improve how you monetize your product.
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Flexible pricing infrastructure for growing software companies.


Our no-code platform gives you granular control over features. Easily integrate us into your product via our SDK or flexible API. Connect us to your chosen billing platform and get going in minutes.


Our entitlement infrastructure gives you complete control over how customers interact with your product based on their pricing plan. With our flexible API, you can directly program any upgrade flow, feature gating or pricing logic into your product. Let customers interact with your product the way they want to.


Understand how customers gain value from your product by monitoring how they engage with it based on the plan they subscribe to. We integrate to Segment to pull in your existing data for day 0 actionable insight into customer behaviour in these plans.
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Use Kana's no-code dashboard combined with our analytics to experiment and quickly land on your product's optimum pricing and packaging. Learn and adapt in a fraction of time.
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Less engineering time required

Smooth one-time integration into our product, including full-featured integration with your billing provider: payment links, webhooks, imports. All in one click.

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Team wide collaboration

Feed insights from multiple teams and drive pricing strategy through a collaborative approach.

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Increase conversion

Quickly onboard customers to predefined packages without the need for sales calls or manual intervention.

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Expand revenue

Unlock new monetization flows for your product that drives customers retention and expansion opportunities.

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Reduce Churn

Understand what customers want from your packages and give customers the features they want based on their usage.
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